About Us

HipHopShopNL Inc. is a non for profit organization located in St. John's, Newfoundland. Our mandate is to provide support and services to the Hip Hop community of Newfoundland. This Includes but is not limited to music. We currently offer many services to our community such as; Live Events, Video Production, food sharing resources, grant advice and a safe environment to express ourselves. 

HipHopShopNL has successfully hosted over 30 + shows since 2019 with sponsorship from Maryjanes Smokeshop, Sobeys NL, Og Growers, 709 Exclusives, Music NL and more. 

This organization is invested in helping artists achieve their goals. This is a different approach. Contact us if you would like to be involved! - Sponsorships/Charitable Donations/Services welcomed! We are unlike any other HipHop platform in our province!