Elliott Noose



Elliot Noose (Spencer Roberts) is a 23 year old artist, producer, and graphic designer from St. John’s, NL, Canada. Being surrounded by a musical family his whole upbringing, Noose found a passion for music and drumming in particular, at a young age. For the majority of his childhood, Elliot found himself only knowing and listening to christian music because of his father’s Pastoral job position. It wasn’t until he became older that the blinds from secular music had been taken off and was introduced to other types of music. Early on, he developed a love for Psychedelic Rock, Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. He began to acquire a taste for many genres of music. Jazz, classical, soul, rap and many others started to fill his library.


You can expect many different sounds to come from the Elliot Noose catalogue as he has many different influences. Going from soft and sad, to hard and aggressive isn’t out of the ordinary for this artist. Taking inspiration from Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller and Bones to name a few, Elliot is inspired by all music and enjoys creating what he feels like in the moment.


Along with playing the drums for 10+ years, after meeting close friend and co-artist Lil Dirtbag (Nick Reid), he has been able to learn recording, mixing techniques, beat production and much more in the past year. Making music has become a major outlet for the young artist and continues to pursue the dream of making it a career. Yet to release an official album, Noose has many singles and a couple EPs in collaboration with other artists. To help grow, Elliot has teamed up with two fellow artists (Lil Dirtbag & Zaddy RePete) to create F.O.G. Ent. Hoping to help grow the music scene in NL and create a safe spot for other artists to come and work. If you would like to contact Elliot Noose for business or collaborative opportunities, his Instagram DMs are always open @elliotnoose.