Free Food Pantry

The Free Food Pantry! 
Location: 7 Buckmasters Circle, St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

This food pantry is for anyone in any situation. Take as you please, leave things as you wish. This pantry will be maintained by Joshua Roberts weekly. If you have any questions, comments or concerns or if you would like to donate, please call 709-351-2570.

We are accepting cash and food donations! 

Contact us to inquire! 


Did you know almost 15% of Newfoundlanders experience food insecurity? With our current population of approximately 520,286 - 78,042 people may not have access to the food they need and will have to do with out.

We have joined a movement in our community - The Free Food Pantry Movement.

What is a little free pantry?
The mini pantry movement is a grassroots, crowd sourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, mini pantries help feed those in need.
The Little Free Pantries provide a viable, low barrier, 24/7, non-judgmental access point to food, and they empower people to make an immediate change toward their neighborhood. Neighbors give what they can by placing food, hygiene, or paper items inside the pantry. Anyone who needs those items can freely take them from the pantry without judgment.
The aim of The Little Free Pantries Project is to foster the cooperation of neighbors to address immediate and local needs surrounding food insecurity.
The Little Free Pantries works alongside more established models such as food banks and offer a low-barrier access point to food while helping fill the gaps in the system.
Most of these little free pantries are built and maintained by individuals, they are not provided by the government or an organization and primarily rely on donations from our community. HipHopShopNL Pantries are the only pantries connected to an organization currently. There is no way to guarantee what if any food will be in any of the pantries at any given time.
As a pantry manager, we are not paid or compensated in any way for keeping the pantry running. On occasion a pantry may receive a bulk donation from a person/group/business who is kind enough to want to help, this is not the norm for most pantries and when we receive a bulk donation, we share as much as possible with other pantries in the area. On a day to day basis we are reliant on what our neighbors place in the pantry, if someone donates more than what is able to put in the pantry, we bring the overstock inside and use to help stock when donations are low or we are not receiving any. The same is done when receive a cash donation.

These little free pantries are not a food bank and were never intended as such, they are meant to help with a food item or two or a meal when you have no other options. If you need more immediate help or are in need of a few days of food, please call 211 or contact your nearest food bank.
Written by Jackie Quinlan
Edited and published by Joshua Roberts

HipHopShopNL Pantry Location - 7 Buckmasters Circle.