Jim Piranha



Jim Piranha (Jay Gracewood) is an upcoming artist from Newfoundland, Canada! He started rapping in his senior year of high school (under a previous title) 

Jim was inspired to write and rap for (in the beginning) when he found himself in a dark place in life. He found writing poetry and rhymes helped assist in his mental health recovery! Especially when he showed his peers and received excellent feedback and attention to his craft. From there he continued to peruse his newly developed talent until he became an experienced artist with many collaborations, connections and a great sense of himself!

He has released songs with artists such as MAK11, Locust, N8 Douce, Syah Tha God, Frank Kastle, Rocka G, Spitty, Undefined The Guru, The Grim Reefer, Tony Delicious & C-Laww!

He has also released music produced by We Ain’t Spoke, Crux Muzik, KhaosKelly, Lil Dirtbag & A rare N8 Douce Beat!

He’s done about 10 Shows for Frank Kastle, a Few JYAY shows, a Mista Jones show, and a 3 Show Tour across NL with Kielley Koyote! Venues Included The Rockhouse, The Fatcat, Distortion, The Rocket Bakery, Trapper John’s, Levels, Graceland (Botwood), & Oasis (Gander). 


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