KP28 (Kyelar Park) is an upcoming artist, producer and engineer born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Only 2 years ago, he started writing lyrics and producing his own instrumentals. Now he’s working alongside all of the hardest working artists in Newfoundland.

KP has collaborated with local artists and producers such as MAK11, YRB Papii and HBeats, also producing multiple tracks for MAK11, Sashthalady, Hippy Junior, J Green from Florida, Producer BigHeadontheBeat and Zach808Beats.

KP has a unique sound that raises eyebrows wherever his music is played and is quickly growing in the Newfoundland rap and hip hop community! 

KP Graduated high school in 2018 and is now in CNA doing Sound Recording and Production. He has preformed at 5 shows for HipHopShopNL and has made appearances at at least 2 more shows preforming with Mak11! 

KP28 offers services for mixing and mastering and his contact information will be listed below! 


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