Lil Dirtbag




Lil Dirtbag (Nick Reid) is an artist/producer from St. Johns, Newfoundland. He started creating music when he was only 15 years old as a producer which he found was a good outlet for dealing with mental health. Currently, at the age of 21, he sees how much his music has helped not only himself, but others as well. He has an amazing understanding of production, recording, mixing and mastering, along with developing his own sound as an artist. His main music genres are rap, alternative and pop but he is extremely versatile and is constantly expanding his sound. 

Lil Dirtbags production credits go from some of the best in the city, such as Cult Sindicate, Ruck Reid, Bails, Elliot Noo$e, Zaddy Repete, Mak11, and so many more, to big names in the industry such as, Lil Peep, Chxpo, and Lil Bo Weep. Having all of this experience has greatly helped Lil Dirtbag in his music production skills and he is now considered one of the best music producers on the island.

Lil Dirtbag has released numerous singles and collaborations with artists and has his self-titled, 5 track, Debut EP out that is available on all streaming platforms. See the link below. Lil Dirtbag is now venturing out and opening an at home music studio called Forgive Our Greed Entertainment with other local artists Elliot Noo$e and Zaddy Repete. You can find more information on the studio on the F.O.G. bio page. Lil Dirtbag is open to any business and collaborations, you can contact him through Instagram @ilylildirtbag.

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