RedInk (Josh Smith) is an upcoming artist from Placentia, Newfoundland, Canada. He started writing and recording music in 2017, working with artists such as Undefined, Frank Kastle, Lee Fitz, Hippy Junior and eventually JWaves! Since releasing his first track, he has continuously grown and adapted to the hiphop environment as it changed. 

In 2019, Redink joined Hippy Junior to host 4-6 Venues located at “Levels” on “George street”, for the hiphop community of st.John’s.

In 2020 Redink took a lot of time to set up an at home studio, as well as figure out the programs necessary to record. This studio is now opened to anyone who needs help. Contact Redink for details! 

Expect to see a project released by Redink this year (2021)!