Refund Policy

HipHopShop NL Inc. is committed to providing quality services to the HipHop Community of Newfoundland. Although there has been very little guidance on how to properly build a platform, we have come a long way from pay to play events!

Time to time mistakes happen and plans change. This is why we have a refund policy which applies to Event Bookings and or anything you may have to pay for upfront. 
- If an event is canceled due to an emergency, HipHopShop NL Inc. Will refund 100% of your booking fee up until 7 days before the event. 75% within 7 days of the event. 

- If you canceled your event less than 7 days prior to its date, We will provide you 50% refund. 
- Cancelation of an event with out notice = No refund 

Cancelation of Studio Time = $40 (1 hour) Charge unless 24 hour notice is provided. 
Cancelation of music video = $40 (.5 hour) Charge unless 48 hours notice is provided. 

Music Videos = No Refunds
Recording/Mixing/Mastering = No Refunds