Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions:
HipHopShop NL Inc. - General Involvement. 

(1) Social Media Standard. (Artists/Community members who wish to be involved with HipHopShop NL Inc. are asked to remain polite and appropriate when using social media platforms. This includes personal accounts. 
(2) No Bullying/Harassment/Violence. 

Payments -
(1) Artist Performance. - Artists are provided a minimum of 5 tickets each to sell at least 7 days before their event. Tickets sell for 10$ each and artists keep 100% of the ticket sales to pay for their performance/ ($50 Per Performance) 
(2) Transportation/Accommodation of Artists. - HipHopShop NL Inc. Is not responsible for the transportation or accommodation of any provincial artist who has been invited or booked to perform at any of our events unless help has been requested to apply for travel funding*

Events - 
(1) Only paying guests are permitted unless there is no cover charge. (Guests who present tickets are presumed to have paid for their ticket. Guests who show up with out tickets must pay entry fee at the door of our event.)
(2) Lost Tickets. (If a guest lost a ticket, it is the responsibility of the guest to contact the artist and request for the artist to come to the door to verify their guest. Only then can our staff let them in)
(3) 19+ Events. (19+ Events require ID. The only accepted ID is a government issued photo ID / Drivers license) 
(4) Booked Artists. (If HipHopShop NL Inc. books an artist to perform and for some reason the artist can no longer attend, the artist must provide at least 7 days notice. Failure to cancel with 7 days notice may result in a resistance to book for future venues unless it was an emergency.

Non Profit - 
(1) All income above industry standard must be donated towards our causes. 

(2) Creative Director, Manager, DJ, Floorman, Doorman, Staff - are all positions which can be paid industry standard pay per hour. 

(3) Volunteer positions are not payable positions