Who is Blare? Good question. It’s the wide known alias of Toronto born artist, Jonah Rideout(17). Currently residing in rural Canada, Jonah makes his voice heard from one country to the next without leaving his own room!

So... why is everyone asking this?
Whosblare leaves people like you wondering that exact question every time!
When his most diverse & popular songs “Juggin’” or “Exotic” blasts through your car stereo, while you’re speeding down the highway after letting your best friend handle the aux for the drive, WhosBlare is bound to be the artist that makes you finally speak up and ask, wow! Who is that?

Some compare him to early greats such as “The Kid Laroi”, and the late artist we’ve all come to love, “Juice WRLD” But what makes him so different from other artists? A question we can answer with confidence!  Jonah. WhosBlare, creates a genre for every mood he’s feeling, adding a factor of surprise as you never know what to expect when Whosblare drops a new song!

Whosblare started out in late 2016 as a producer, & well known beat maker. He later switched to rap/songs in late 2018, Releasing his first single in the fall of 2019
And his debut album “Cloud Vision” Just after the summer of 2020. Since the few short months after release, Cloud Vision had already amassed well over 70k plays Worldwide.

The 16 year old artist works & has worked with artists like, Dutch Revz, $teven Cannon, Ragz, Young Shrimp, x Cribs, Mak11, and Janer.

Listen here